Corrigan School of Irish Dancing

The Corrigan School of Irish Dancing opened September 15, 2004. Nora Corrigan, the Director, performed with Riverdance for five years, touring and performing for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Nora then returned to her home town of London, Ontario to pass on her dancing skills and performing experiences to future generations of Irish dancers.


The mission at the Corrigan School of Irish Dancing is to teach children not only the art and culture of Irish Dance but also to teach children how to love and appreciate the steps and music of Irish Dance.

The Corrigan School of Irish Dancing serves to encourage, inspire and motivate students to dance and be the best that they can be. Dancers with the Corrigan School meet new friends and perform for audiences while learning to set and achieve their goals. Students learn to accept their wins with their losses, to build confidence, poise and presentation.

Most importantly students will learn to believe in themselves and in anything that they do.

Meet Nora

Nora Corrigan Portrait

At the age of five, Nora Corrigan began Irish Dancing and dedicated herself to learning the steps and rhythms of her Irish Heritage. Before the age of 19, her many accomplishments included:

  • 1st in the Canadian Championships
  • 2nd in the North American Championships
  • 4th at the All-Irelands
  • 4th in the World Championships

In 1999 Nora's legs and feet took her off the competitive stage and on to the professional stage of Riverdance - The Show. Nora toured and performed in front of millions of people throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America including Broadway in New York City. After four years of touring, Nora was asked to perform the Female Principle Lead for Riverdance - The Show, and danced the lead role in her last year on the professional stage.

While on tour, Nora studied and successfully passed her TCRG exam, and later her ADCRG exam to become a qualified adjudicator, and now owns her own school of Irish Dancing.

In addition to Nora's dancing carreer, she has also received qualification as a Makeup Artist from Pebec Beauty School in London, Ontario. Nora has done makeup for dancers on stage for professional dancing, competitive dancing, several bridal parties, and other special occasions.


Eastern Canadian Regional Oireachtas

North American Feis Commission


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